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YOGA NIDRA AUDIO Rest and Renewal
35 minutes; Dolby Stereo; MP3 download

THE MIND BOOK - 100 MINDFUL QUESTIONS - From SUB-conscious to SUPER-power
A fun read in Q&A format about subjects of the subconscious mind, past life -and life in between life regression, therapeutic imagery, yoga, the soul and more.

How would you feel if you had a deeper understanding of the workings of your own mind, and could use this understanding to become more powerful, happy, and successful? One of the most powerful yet least applied method of self-improvement is working with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a tremendous ninety percent of our mind. You think you see clearly? Think again. We are not really seeing the ‘reality’ around us at all. It is overshadowed, completely colored, by the vast sub-conscious mind. In order to achieve change in our lives, wouldn’t it make sense to have a closer look at what the sub-conscious mind is all about? We are in a unique period in history. One where ancient meditation techniques from India, that until recently have never been carried outside remote forests, and Oriental philosophy, that was once only known to Himalayan Yogis, as well as new developments in psychology are all simultaneously available to us. This book will combine some of the best of Eastern techniques and philosophy with Western sub-conscious science, allowing for powerful change.

Author: Pieter Elsen Ph.D. C.Yt.
113 Pages
Format: Perfect binding

HAVING TROUBLE RELAX? A deeply relaxing Therapeutic Imagery Journey for anxiety release

Duration: 30 minutes

Format: MP3 digital Download

CAN'T SLEEP? This CD will help you fall into a deep restorative sleep

Duration: 30 minutes

Format: MP3 digital Download

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