“I‘m writing as a testimonial on how much I enjoy my yoga classes even though it is just 1 hour per week with you. Each week I have enjoyed the hour of different yoga stretches, poses to strengthening my muscles and learn to meditate be calm in the mind from the stressful week at work. Ever since I have been doing yoga I do get good nights rest and peaceful sleep. I look forward practicing yoga together for many years and thank you for your instructions, listening, and caring for my body’s need.”   Nina

“I‘m fortunate to have had good yoga instructors in the past, and I count Jenna as one of the best. I look forward to her restorative yoga sessions every week. Initially, my intent was to “try another yoga practice”, with physical exercise as the primary purpose, but my practice has grown from just that, to much more. Jenna personalizes each private session in accordance to my needs: attention to my lower back some days, neck and shoulders on others, etc. Beyond the stretching and overall physical wellness, my practice now also includes breathing exercises, some meditation, and what I refer to as “purposeful relaxation” where I am so relaxed onto a position -with the help of blankets, bolsters and cushions- that I forget I’m actually stretching my body. By the end of the session, I am so calm and so relaxed I have forgotten about the clock… and I take that feeling with me when I leave. Restorative yoga is now an essential part of my weekly routine.” Claudio

“I have been taking therapy Yoga with Jenna since my second back surgery of 2013. I work in a very fast paced environment, and in my mid 50’s. I must be able to hold a 40 plus hour job and keep up with life. I was having a very challenging time until I began Jenna’s program. Jenna’s abilities have shown me how to stretch, breathe, and strengthen my core which has allowed me to do my 40 plus hour work week, and to enjoy life again. Jenna ‘s programs are set up to work with you one on one, or more, and to meet my needs as rehabilitating. I highly recommend Healing-Yoga Therapy to anyone who has injuries, wants to get back into shape, likes to stay in the best of health as this girl absolutely knows what she is doing. Sandy Watt

“I always leave Jenna’s yoga class energized, refreshed and ready for my day. Breathing techniques, guided meditation and yoga are some of the things I practice with Jenna. I have recently retired and moved away. I can only hope to find such an intelligent, kind and caring yoga teacher at my new location. Namaste!
Harry MacGregor

“I started my private yoga lessons with Jenna about a year ago. Jenna completely changed my perception of yoga. I used to think of yoga as a very mellow form of exercise suited for whoever not interested in real exercise. After couple of months into the program, I started to realize the amazing benefits of weekly yoga classes on both my mind and body.
Jenna showed me a new way of doing exercises. She taught me to be more aware of my body and be able to focus on the areas that need more attention through continuous stretching.
My philosophy for pursuing yoga training stems from the core philosophy of yoga of “continuous determination for improvement” and the fact that it keeps both mind and body very strong, in balance and healthy. Yoga is more than a regular routine exercise to me as it helps me to manage the daily stress and anxiety. Reza J.